How Uniforms should be chosen for Employees?

Employee In Her Uniform

It is given fact that brand imprinted effortlessly advertise itself. However, uniforms should not just to advertise but also to be wearable by your employees. It will be worn everyday and thus it needs to follow some uniform codes:


  • Comfortable Apparels

    • Employees tend to associate their works with what they wear. Uniforms should look presentable and professional however it should not give discomfort. The uniform can significantly give an impact in terms of working and finishing the task. Fabrics or material should be wisely chosen to create a uniform that will compel employees to work hard. Aside from the physical comfort, uniforms can give, it should also provide psychological comfort. To feel emotionally comfortable with the uniform is an important aspect of working. Consider that employees may not be comfortable with long sleeved because they sweat easily and they might also not like to wear skirt because of some personal reasons. Before choosing what uniform should be tailored, ask your staff and ask them of their own preferences.

  • Design

    • This is not giving a caprice to your employees but more beneficial to the company. Through uniform designs you can stand out in creative means. Copying your competitor's design is a low blow for the company. You can ask your employees for some creativity. As they are the front liners they'll have ideas what designs may strike to your target market.

  • Fit

    • Aside from being comfortable, the right fit for your employees' body types and sizes can make the uniform outstanding. A baggy shirt or loose pants can make your employees look unprofessional. So you must consult an image specialist to decide what cut and style of uniform will fit your employees.

  • Proper Color Scheming

    • In this criteria, you must consider uniforms as a marketing material. Proper choosing of colors will put emphasis on the brand or trademark imprinted on the uniform. Also, avoid using light and neon colors so that your employees will not be distracted when working. Some colors are simply irritating to the eyes and it may give an impact to their productivity.

  • Make them proud to wear it

    • When employees are proud of their uniforms, it makes them comfortable of wearing it anywhere they go. That would mean an effortless marketing effort. If they helped in creating the design, they will feel proud of wearing it. So, always probe and ask your employees if what they think can fit to their job. Surely, they'll generate creative ideas.

  • Uniform for Unity

    • Don't make your employees feel less of themselves. As the owner you must also show that you are wearing your uniform. It will make them feel sense of ownership and belongingness. It will be easy for them to associate themselves with the company and their superiors. Eventually, it will create a mutual understanding in organizational climate in which everybody is working to reach set objectives.

Uniforms are a great way of getting closer to your employees at the same time, marketing and building up your brands. Your employees will wear it and so they'll carry the brand. Make the uniform worth wearing in your employees'daily routines.



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